Company Profile

Original Technology specializes in ionic contamination test not only sales but also maintenance with over 25 years of relevant experience. Our customers come in various industries including; Semiconductor, Packaging, Substrate, Print Circuit Board, Flexible Printed Circuit, Rigid-flex Board and other industries.

Original Technology follows IPC specification of ionic contamination test, we guide customer from the theoretical formula to the practical application of the operation. The company is capable of providing insightful analysis help customer to understand.

To consider the average lifespan of the ionic contamination equipment is almost 20 years, the customer service and whatever problems may occur from the user and how to solve would be the most important things to the customer accordingly.

Original Technology offers outstanding customer service and maintenance to the current user.
Besides, the other advantages of Original Technology are; for those customers who are not frequently used, we provide testing service, for those customers at the limited budget; another choice is the used ionic contamination equipment. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customer’s requirements.

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